Monday, October 20, 2014

Personal Backlist

Book bloggers often refer to their growing TBR (To Be Read) list, which is a physical pile or virtual list of books that they’d like to read someday.

I actually have two such lists. I have my “hold” list at the public library. This list is mostly made up of new hardcover books that I request months before they actually come out (and inevitably each of these books will become available on exactly the same day, so I’ll have a library pile of 20 books that will be impossible to tackle in the allotted three week period).

But I also love to go to bookstores and book sales and online sites and find “deals.” What happens is that I start accumulating books that always play second fiddle to library loans that beckon with due date urgency.

The stack above is just part of my own TBR pile. In honor of my birthday, which is TODAY, I decided to pull out and actually read the book that has been in the pile the longest. Think of it as giving attention to a title that is still vibrant in its middle age. Ahem.

So over the next couple of days, I will finish this novel from Iceland and let you know what I think of it:

The receipt stuck between its pages indicates that I purchased it in 2006.

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