Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Leaning Stack of Books Diversity Challenge Bingo

Last month, I told you about my desire to read more broadly. In particular, I want to push myself to read books by authors from different backgrounds and about different cultures and experiences. I want to do this because I feel that I am a voracious reader but a narrow one. I also feel like I will grow as a person if I “travel” more extensively with people and to places beyond my own experience.

I listen to a bunch of book podcasts, and I remembered hearing on the Books on the Nightstand podcast about a summer reading bingo game the hosts created last year. I have decided to borrow their idea and use the bingo format for my own challenge. Welcome to the Leaning Stack of Books Diversity Challenge Bingo game!

Here’s what I did: I made a bingo card with some broad diversity-related categories. My personal goal is to read books that fill as many rows as possible. You, of course, can decide to fill just one, or several, or all. You can even change the categories if you want because bookish bingo anarchy is just fine. You are free to bingo as you see fit.

An important side note: this project is a creative way for me to challenge myself. I will decide for myself what terms like “non-Western,” “disability,” “of color,” and “classic” mean. You might have different definitions, and that’s great. Use them!

Here’s the card that I printed:

You can print your own card here.

The directions for the Leaning Stack of Books Diversity Challenge Bingo game were supplied by the online bingo game-making site. Here they are: When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout “Blogtastic!” Or play as a drinking game and for every block you mark off, take a sip, and finish your drink each time you get five blocks in a row.

(Drinking Bingo photo courtesy of Amazon, where you can purchase your books and real drinking bingo game equipment with a single click! Classy!)

I did not make up these directions, but I totally support them. However, if you want to have tea instead, or shout something else, again, that’s up to you.

I would LOVE it if you would join me. Please just let me know by leaving a comment. We’ll do a check-in in July to check our progress, and then do a wrap-up in December. Happy reading!

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