Monday, February 23, 2015

What I'm Reading, Back-At-It Edition

I fell off the blogging train, and I fell hard.   Actually, I fell off the reading train altogether. There was a confluence of events – midterms to grade, midwinter break for the kids, visiting the
inlaws – all of it stepped in the way of my normal activity. I guess that’s OK – I’ve only been at this for a few months, and this was my first blogging hiccup.

In the last week and a half, I read two books. The first was Cold Killing by Luke Delaney (review forthcoming). This was a thriller, but a long one – over 400 pages. I chose this because I wanted something easy and quick. And it was an easy read, but a bloody one. I found that I couldn’t read it at night.
So before bed, I read Small Victories by Anne Lamott (review forthcoming). This was typical Lamott -- shortish essays about how difficult and magical it is to be human. But here’s the thing: I enjoy Anne Lamott’s writing when I take small bites. If I try to swallow her collections in a single gulp, they come off as too saccharine for me. So I ended up going slowly with that one, too.

In light of the fact that I’m getting back on my reading feet, I’m not going to make any big promises. I do have to finish Boy in the Twilight: Stories of the Hidden China by Yu Hua for my book club this Wednesday. I also hope to start something from my TBR pile. My intention is to read one book from that pile every month, so that I can successfully complete my 2015 TBR Pile Challenge.  And look – February is almost over. 

So, onward!

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